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Lucky bags - Fukubukuro

So New Year lucky bags or Fukubukuro are an idea that comes from Japan.

And i've only just heard about them!

And if you haven't heard about them yet let me summarise the concept for you.

These lucky bags are New Year sales bags containing a bunch of items that you can get for a price significantly lower than retail.

You can roughly expect to get about twice as much in retail value as what you pay for the bag.

So if you pay £150 you will generally get around £300 worth of items in the bag.

The only catch is you have no idea what is in the bag when you purchase it.

So as i am fan of most things Japanese i thought, we here at 'Lie down i think i love you', would do our own version.

We are offering three different  priced Lucky bags.

There will only be three each of these limited edition bags.

Bag 1 - £150

Bag 2 -£250

Bag 3 -£350

Every item in these lucky bags will be beautiful and a massive bargain!

Good Luck!