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A designers bag.....

big bubble circle bag

People ask me which is my favourite bag but i don't have one favourite i have favourites!

As the designer of the brand its important for me to test the new and old styles.

That way i can honestly advise a customer on a purchase.

The bag i am currently carrying is the circle bag. I have found this bag to be one of the most practical styles of the range. As a designer and mum who travels a lot i need plenty of room for pens, pads, and random kids toys. I fell in love with it a little more when i went travelling as i found it the perfect sized bag for all in flight needs and entertainment. The double zips are hand crafted in Italy and are made to last. The double handles are comfortable and practical for the shoulder length. I choice an emerald green colour and i love it as it really puts me in a good mood!

The more i wear it the more i love it!

When i am not road testing new styles i am back with my trusty big bubble. Again this style is been enough to hold all my essentials and non essentials!I love how it manages to be big and practical yet pretty at the same time.I love the cluck of the frame as it closes like an expensive car door!I am currently wearing the navy colour as i wear so much blue denim.

Whats your favourite style?




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