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what the buckle

Dalston Emily Trotter handbag Hoxton Kingsland Road leather Lie Down I Think I Love You made in London Shoreditch

Bags, bags and more bags. Shapes, colours. Totes, clutches. Handles and shoulder-straps. It is the last of these that we will talk about, the shoulder-strap. In particular, the shoulder strap with a buckle. You see, a buckled shoulder-strap will be made of two lengths of leather, one short and one long. The shorter of these will accommodate the buckle, the longer one will have the holes. The question is: on which side of the bag does the buckle go? Do you want to know the rule? When looking at the bag, the shorter, buckled bit of the strap should be on your left. There is a reason for this.

A long time ago, before gun-powder, men used swords. Most of these men were right-handed, much like now. Therefore when these brave men were being accompanied by a beautiful maiden, she would stand on his left - so the sword would not be between them. If this pretty lady had a bag - which, if she did, would have had a shoulder-strap - she would carry it on her left shoulder - so the bag, too, would not come between the brave swordsman and his beauty. The buckle of the shoulder-strap would always be facing forward when hung from the lady’s slender frame. The buckle had to be visible to the bearer of the bag. And there you have it, when attaching a shoulder-strap to your bag, please assure that the shorter, buckled length of leather is on the bag’s right (see below).




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